Cancun Shopping

Cancun Shopping

Cancun Shopping


The malls in Cancún are fully air-conditioned and as well kept as similar establishments in the United States or Canada. Like their northerly counterparts, they also sell just about everything: designer clothing, beachwear (including raunchy T-shirts aimed at the Spring Break crowd), sportswear, jewelry, music, electronics, household items, shoes, and books. Some even have the same terrible mall food that’s standard north of the border. Prices are fixed in shops. They're also generally—but not always—higher than in the markets, where bargaining is a given. Perfumes in Cancún are considerably less expensive than at home (and even than at the duty-free shops at the airport). Of course tequila is a bargain here as well, but make sure you buy at the supermarket rather than at a souvenir shop.

There are many duty-free stores selling designer goods at reduced prices, sometimes as much as 30% or 40% below retail. You can find handwoven textiles, leather goods, and handcrafted silver jewelry, although prices are higher than in other cities and the selection is limited.

Monday through Saturday, shopping hours are generally 10–1 and 4–7, although more stores are staying open throughout the day rather than closing for siesta. Many are now opening on Sunday afternoon as well. Malls tend to be open daily from 9 or 10 am to 8 or 9 pm. If all that shopping leaves you feeling frazzled, you’re in luck. With wall-to-wall resorts lining Cancún’s coastline, competition among spas pushes the limits on pampering. From gemstone-treatments to hydrotherapy circuits and wine-and-caviar facials, expect to be treated like royalty.

Here you pay the lowest prices in Mexico on items such as perfume, spirits, and fine jewelry.


Kukulcan Plaza is the most exclusive and luxurious shopping center in all of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. It is located in the Hotel Zone, where the main Five Star and Grand Tourism hotels are situated. Kukulcan Plaza's offerings range from boutiques of worldwide renown, jewelry shops with fine gems of prestigious designers, elegant perfumeries, and fine restaurants, to shops that offer handicrafts and even bowling! Shopping in Cancun is an excellent option.

Kukulcan Plaza
La Isla Shopping Village


La Isla Shopping Village is on the Nichupte Lagoon under a giant canopy. It boasts more than 150 national and international stores, making it themost important commercial center in Cancun's Hotel Zone. This amazing shopping and entertainment center marks the transition from one millennium to another due primarily to its nontraditional structure that preserves the natural beauty and attractions that Mexico's main tourist center has to offer.

Its open-air architecture features the most advanced technology, optimized comfort, entertainment facilities, and the finest international-level shopping in the region.A series of canals and small bridges are designed to give the place a Venetian look. You cannot miss Cancun shopping, the experience of a lifetime!


Flamingo Mall Cancun is located in the heart of the hotel zone. If you are looking for memorable souvenirs of your vacation, here is where you'll find them! Plaza Flamingo has almost 100 stores selling merchandise from beachwear to fine jewelry. Aftershopping all day you might get hungry, if so, there are plenty of dining options ranging from fast-food stands to internationally-renowned restaurants, such as Pat O'Brien's or The Outback Steakhouse.

Flamingo Mall Cancun
Plaza la Fiesta


Plaza La Fiesta is located in the Hotel Zone right in front of the convention center. Here you will find all kinds of silver works, handicrafts, and leather articles, as well as many other items to take home as souvenirs from your trip to Mexico.


This three-level entertainment and shopping plaza in the Zona features brand-name restaurants, upscale clothing boutiques, a food court, and chain stores, all in a circuslike atmosphere. For Spring Breakers the main draws are the nightclubs, Coco Bongo and Carlos 'n Charlie's. The bungee trampolines set up here during high season are especially popular with children. You will also find several ATMs on-site.

Forum by the Sea
Plaza Caracol


Plaza Caracol is the most reknowned mall in Cancun. Founded 28 years ago, Plaza Caracol has also become the liveliest mall in town, and is recognized as a social, cultural and artistic place thanks to its new concept, oriented towards originality and creativity.


Located at the end of Tulum Avenue, Plaza Las Americas is the best place to shop without going too far from the Hotel Zone. It is the biggest and most important shopping mall in downtown Cancun. Plaza Las Americas features a variety ofstores and restaurants, movie theaters, bookstores, and large department stores, as well as fast-food outlets.

Malecon Americas Cancun
Las Plazas Outlet


Pleasure boat cruises to the Nichupte lagoon, Isla Mujeres, Contoy Island, and other destinations are available every day from Cancun. Modern motor yachts, catamarans, and even old-time sloops take tourists across crystal-clear waters. Some tours include a snorkeling stop at ecological parks, continental breakfast, lunch, and a shopping tour. Sunset and night cruises go to the beaches of Isla Mujeres or feature pirate or Caribbean shows and usually include a Mexican buffet dinner and open bar.


Coral Negro offers all kinds of souvenirs. Here you will find everything from handicraft stores to places where you can get your hair braided, ears pierced, and body tattooed. Coral Negro sits right in the heart of the city at a spot known as the "party center" where the hippest discos are found.

Fiea Market Coral Negro
Market 28


Market 28 is Cancun's biggest flea market. If you cannot find the right souvenir here, you won't find it anywhere in town. Take your time to shop around. Market 28 also houses several restaurants if you are in the mood for something to eat or for a cold beer. Come and experience many different cultures in a single place.

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