Cancun Attractions

Cancun Attractions


Cancun is the ideal destination for family holidays. Children are welcome everywhere, there are a myriad of tours and activities for the whole family, you can visit the amazing ecoparks, enjoy nature and learn all the ancestral history of the area. A good itinerary includes swimming with dolphins in the morning, climbing Mayan pyramids in the afternoon, and end the day with a relaxed dinner with kid favorite dishes.

You don’t need to be under 25 to have a great time in Cancún. This resort has countless beautiful beaches, an excellent dining scene, fascinating historic sites and stunning flora and fauna, there is plenty here for older travelers to enjoy. There is also affordable lodging, AAA discounts, handicap facilities, and opportunities to interact with local culture.

There is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter where you stay or how far you venture from the Hotel Zone.There is truly not enough time to see all the Cancun attractions.


Locally known as MUSA, Cancún's Underwater Museum is made up of more than 400 lifelike statues sculpted by Jason de Caires Taylor. The stunning artworks, located off the shores of Punta Cancún, Punta Nizuc, and Manchones Reef near Isla Mujeres, create an artificial habitat for marine life that can be viewed by divers, snorkelers, and passengers on glass-bottom-boat tours.

Museo Maya


Opened in December 2012, this modern museum in the Hotel Zone sits in the middle of a small, lush jungle with 14 excavated ruins. Air-conditioned second-floor exhibits, accessible by elevator, showcase Mayan artifacts such as pottery, jewelry, and stone-carved scripts from various eras of civilization. While there is much to see, signage is mostly in Spanish. On a sunny day, leave time to wander the grounds adjacent to the museum. The admission fee is taken in Mexican pesos, so be sure to have proper currency.


You can’t miss the opportunity to travel back in time and visit the first Cancun Wax Museum and the third one in all Mexico. Many important characters that marked history, celebrities, famous Mexican and international actors, writers and singers will be exposed in this gallery. The Brazilian and European sculptors created this wax personalities, with more than 100 characters in 25 scenarios of the world of movies, sports, music, television, politics, kids and terror.

Cancun Wax Museum
Ruinas del Rey


The largest archaeological site in Cancun is El Rey , located within walking distance from the Iberostar Cancun (Blvd. Kukulcán, km.19). The site is remarkable for the unusual architecture: two main plazas ending in two streets. The excavated part includes forty-seven structures in a religious and administrative zone where important ceremonies took place and the elders of greater stature in political life lived. This site, dating back to the second and third centuries B.C., was an important astronomy center for the Maya.


The site consists of two small temples that were likely used as watchtowers and lighthouses between 500 and 700 years ago. These ruins are close to the Westin Lagunamar Hotel.

Yamil Lu'um
El Meco


It is located three miles north of Cancun, near the Puerto Juarez ferry dock. The settlement was inhabited by fishermen, as early as the 3rd century B.C. it was a major commercial port for the Mayas and remained so until the Spaniards arrived on the 16th century. El Meco’s remnants consist of 14 structures. The centerpiece is the 41-foot-high (12.5 meters) wellpreserved pyramid known as El Castillo.


Welcome to Ventura Park, Cancun's New Oceanfront Theme Park! This isn't just any ordinary theme park though. Think of it as a Mega Theme Park, with many thrilling worlds of entertainment inside.

Each world offers unique entertainment for people of all ages. Here at Ventura Park, you can ride a wild roller-coaster, go bungee-jumping into the unknown, hop on an 800-foot zip-line, swim with friendly dolphins, slide down an insane 50-foot looping waterslide, drive a go-kart alongside the ocean, engage in virtual reality warfare and much more!

Ventura Park
Boating Excursions


Pleasure boat cruises to the Nichupte lagoon, Isla Mujeres, Contoy Island, and other destinations are available every day from Cancun. Modern motor yachts, catamarans, and even old-time sloops take tourists across crystal-clear waters. Some tours include a snorkeling stop at ecological parks, continental breakfast, lunch, and a shopping tour. Sunset and night cruises go to the beaches of Isla Mujeres or feature pirate or Caribbean shows and usually include a Mexican buffet dinner and open bar.


Cancun has become one of the most important diving destinations in the world. Do not miss the chance to take advantage of one of the many options available to practice this wonderful activity. You can visit impressive coral reefs in the open sea or explore underwater caverns and cenotes. This is simply an amazing experience.

In the Mexican Caribbean you will find the Mayan Barrier Reef, which is the second largest reef in the world. In the northern part of Punta Cancun, you can visit the Banderas and El Bajito coral reefs and, if you are already an experienced scuba diver, we recommend that you visit the San Miguel and Aristos reefs on the east side.



If you want to have an exciting day out, feel the ocean breeze on your face, and have a lot of fun, fishing in Cancun is your best choice. Whether you have never done it before or you are already a pro, a variety of marinas offer fishing tours according to your needs. From traditional deep-sea fishing to thrilling night fishing, you can catch species such as Sawfish, Red Snapper, and Grouper, as well as Marlin, Sailfish and Barracuda.


The golf circuit in and around Cancun makes it one of the most competitive destinations both within and beyond our borders. It Offers 15 operating courses, other interesting golf complexes. In an advanced planning stage and the endorsement of international tournaments such as the PGA Mayakoba Golf Classic, the only PGA event to take place outside the United States and Canada.

Cancun is on the verge of becoming México’s new golf leader, with five courses in Cancún and ten additional signature golf courses south of Cancun.

Jungle Tour


The jungle tour lets you get close to nature. As you pilot your own two-person speedboat or ride a WaveRunner, you'll discover the beauty of Nichupte Lagoon's mangroves and get to see the variety of wildlife that lives in the jungle, all while being awed by an impressive coral reef. You can experience this marvelous adventure from most marinas in Cancun.

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